What Mommy misses when she's at work

Dear Noah,

Today Mommy had to go to work, like every Monday.

It's never easy to leave you, your sleepy eyes looking up at me, touching my face, smiling. It's never easy to hand you over to someone else, someone who isn't Mommy, and know that I'll miss an entire day of your life.

But I knew that Grandpa and Aunt Nikki would take good care of you.

And I left.

What I missed was your first time swinging at the playground.

I missed the look on your face as you were suspended in the air, for the first time, cutting through the wind.

As you watched the ground move back and forth.

And when you looked around, Mommy wasn't there to share your excitement.

But you still smiled.

You still laughed.

And I'm so grateful for that.

While I'll always put you in safe, loving hands when I'm away...

...I wish it were me.

I love you more than the tears I cry when we're apart.

Forever, Mommy