Reason #8: A Resilient Body

I've written before about my formerly rocky relationship with my pre-baby body, and how it was the astonishing task of growing a human and then feeding him with my own body that finally allowed me to respect and appreciate my former enemy for everything it is. I learned to listen to my body and take care of myself in a way that never mattered to me before. And not only am I glad that I didn't spend another 10 years clouding my brain with preoccupations that simply don't matter, but I also credit my younger age for allowing my body to bounce back better than I had imagined. (But to be fair, I imagined the worst.)

Bouncing back from labor isn't a reason to get pregnant earlier than you originally planned -- not at all -- but it could be a little notch in your favor. Even if you're bummed that your body isn't exactly as it was, imagine adding the natural aging process on top of it. And with more reproductive years ahead of us, we can give ourselves more time in between pregnancies to recover.

But more than vanity reasons, finally understanding our body's purpose and appreciating its mind-blowing abilities isn't a bad thing to learn sooner rather than later. And you can be sure that it's something childless 25 year olds can't grasp.

This is part of a weekly "Why I Love Being a Young Mom" series, meant to inspire and encourage women who are starting early. It's no way meant to attack alternative choices, but merely to highlight often-ignored benefits to early motherhood. Email your favorite reason to

Photo: Flickr/La Marqueza