Reason #7: More Babies!

cheaper by the dozen

Beyond having a long-ticking biological clock that keeps the pressure off, we also have more reproductive years ahead of us -- meaning we're able to build that big family we've always wanted. Of course how many children each family wants is completely different from person to person (which we covered a few weeks back), but this is one of the biggest perks for those who want that big, cozy, wonderfully chaotic Cheaper-By-A-Dozen/18-and-Counting life.

This actually might be the most popular response I've gotten from all of you, since we have the option to have as little or as many children as we want (biologically speaking, not factoring in health issues or unexpected circumstances). And that option is truly invaluable. We have the time to create the exact family we want -- whether that's having four children in a row, 12 children in a row, or a decade of spacing between children. More time = more babies = more love. And what more could you want from life?

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Photo: Cheaper by the Dozen (1950)