Happy Weekend!


Ah, the weekend! Was this week especially long for anyone else? Justin's been working so much lately, we're happy to have a full weekend with him home. No big plans -- just to enjoy the gorgeous weather, spend time together and catch up on work projects.

Here are a few things I've been meaning to tell you:

  • Does anyone use Cafe Mom? Read their The Stir blogs? I was so excited to see they named Early Mama as one of the best blogs for Mother's Day, saying it's one of the "10 Blogs That Will Change the Way You Think of Moms." That's exactly what I'm hoping we can all achieve! And we're in quite amazing company. See all of their blog recommendations.
  • Thank you to everyone who has reached out to be featured here! I love hearing all of your stories. Besides Q+As, if anyone has any literary interpretations of early motherhood (poems, essays, etc.), craft tutorials or other unique ideas, please feel free to email me at michelle@earlymama.com.
  • I'd also love to hear from someone who started having kids early and now has a grown family. Someone who can look back and give perspective and encouragement.


I write a daily blog for Babble.com's Family Style and Being Pregnant. Here are some of my posts:


And here's what's going on with other Early Mamas around the blogosphere:

  • Have you all seen the Noonies from  Lala's Pequenos? They're one of my very favorite baby gifts, so I was excited to learn the creative designer, Alessandra, was an Early Mama herself! Besides having a successful business, she has a beautiful blog where she featured an amazing Mother's Day Guide.
  • Another one of my favorite blogs, Baby Blackbird, is created by a young, stylish mom. She created an adorable kids outfit from John Krasinski's look. (By a show of hand, who cried during his goodbye scene on The Office?)
  • Here's another blog to add to your daily reads: Amy from Glass Confetti has great crafts and cakes -- and I especially love her homemade peeps.
  • Loving the silk dresses made by Alejandra of Baby Chic.
  • Think being a young mom is challenging? Imagine doing it times three! (These baby triplets will melt your heart.)
  • Being frugal is a way of life for us -- how about you?
  • Did you all see Gabrielle's Easter Egg hunt?

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Enjoy your weekend everyone, and I'll meet you here on Monday for a unique Q+A feature, cool new toy recommendations and a discussion about the stereotypes surrounding young moms.